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Live Event Gala - Teleprompter for Dodger's Fundraiser

Teleprompter Services

Vision Prompt Inc. provides teleprompter and interrotron services for live events and film shoots in Los Angeles, greater Southern California, and across the country. 

Teleprompter and interrotron Systems

Vision Prompt offers a wide range of teleprompter systems, including presidential teleprompter, through-the-lens teleprompter, mounted teleprompter, on-stand teleprompter, and Academy style teleprompter. 


On top of the traditional teleprompter systems, we specialize in custom teleprompter builds to accommodate any film shoot, presentation, or conference. This includes multi-camera teleprompter, wireless teleprompter, and multi-screen teleprompter. 


We also offer interrotron rental for interview-style film shoots, but can oscillate between video and script signals to provide a complete teleprompter/interrotron experience. 


No job is too big or too small – we provide the same quality service and technology no matter what your needs are. Besides English, we have capabilities to run our teleprompter system in Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and other languages upon request. 

Live Event - Teleprompter for  Star Wars Celebration
Press Event - Teleprompter for LA Auto Show

Teleprompter Services

 Standard for galas, fundraisers, speaking engagements, and presentations.


Also suitable for galas, fundraisers, speaking engagements, and presentations, but provides freedom of movement.


Allows talent to read copy while looking directly into camera, and provides camera operators freedom of movement.


Allows talent to read copy while looking directly into camera, but floats freely in front of camera, minimizing footprint.


about us

Vision Prompt is a family operated teleprompter and event services company based in Los Angeles, California. 

Steadicam Teleprompter for Film Shoot
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