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Live Event - Teleprompter for Speaker Panel

Services and Systems

Our teleprompter systems can accommodate SDI, HDMI, and Composite feeds to any compatible monitor. We use the latest in Mac software. 
Presidential Package

Standard for galas, fundraisers, speaking engagements, and presentations

Live Event - Teleprompter for Speaking Engagement
On camera

Standard for a range of film and video production needs that require camera movement and panning

Film shoot, teleprompter, on-camera, through-the-lens
Down Stage Monitors

This system is ideal for presentations, speaking engagements, and for musicians during live performances 

Live Event, speaking engagement, teleprompter, downstage monitor

Popularized by Errol Morris, this teleprompter/video trasnmission system is perfect for interviews and eliciting emotive reactions from both professional and non-professional talent

Film shoot, interrotron, teleprompter

Other Services

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